Writing a journal article


Not many journals allow boxes. In case you write for a journal that does have boxes, they are really useful for a few things.

Examples. A classic use of boxes is to provide short case studies or examples of a concept, theory or situation that you outline in the text.

Additional depth. If there is something you find exciting, but it’s not really central to your argument, a box can be good for that.

Cross-linkages throughout your text. Sometimes boxes can help to link different sections of a paper in the one point. For example, if you have several sections that build different parts of an overall argument or theory, a box can be an effective way to summarise how those parts come together.

If your journal does allow boxes, check carefully how they are formatted. Some contains figures and tables as well, others include just text. Also check the typical word count in a box in your target journal; this varies widely, depending on the page layout of the particular journal.



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