Writing a journal article

Formatting your manuscript

Most journals expect that your manuscript is formatted in the following way:

First page is a cover page, containing title, keywords, author names and institutional affiliations, plus the email address of the corresponding author.

Second page is where the abstract should start.

Third page onwards comes the manuscript text, WITHOUT any tables, figures, or table or figure legends.

At the end of the text, list your Acknowledgements, followed by References.

On a new page after the references, list your figure legends.

On separate new pages after that, present your tables. The table legends go directly above the tables.

On separate new pages after that, list your figures, one figure per page. Some journals also want you to upload the figure files separately (in which case you need to follow their instructions file type and resolution).

In addition, your entire manuscript should be double-space. It is also helpful if you add line numbers, for example every fifth line, consecutively throughout the entire manuscript. This makes it much easier for referees to comment on your work.

Also see other entries under THE PROCESS OF PUBLISHING.


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