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August 14, 2011


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By Joern Fischer (Email: joern.fischer@uni.leuphana.de)

Welcome to my overview on writing a journal article. On this website, you will find a range of material that is hopefully useful to you when you prepare your paper.

The target audience is research students and other early career researchers, especially (but not only) in the environmental sciences and sustainability. My own background is in the natural sciences, but I have also worked with social scientists a fair bit. My suggestions are necessarily biased by my own experience. If you work in a field that is very different from mine, you may find that some of my suggestions are not as useful to you as others: but hopefully you will still find that some of the material is useful.

To find out more about the author of this site, please visit:

MY BLOG ON SUSTAINABILITY: http://ideas4sustainability.wordpress.com/

MY HOMEPAGE: Leuphana Universität Lüneburg: Joern Fischer

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/ideas4sust

There are two ways in which you can use this website. One, you can read the material page by page. For this purpose, it’s best if you follow the order of pages from top to bottom in the sidebar menu. Alternatively, you can jump straight to sections you are dealing with at the time. Most sections contain links to other relevant sections, allowing you to  jump back and forth through the material. Using the normal print function, you can also print those sections most relevant to you. Finally, if you are logged in, you can also use the search functions at the top right to search for particular information.

Happy writing!


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